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Gungahlin Restaurants Little Siam - Mixed Entree

 1. Roti Nam Sod

Minced chicken dressed with Thai herbs & spices wrapped in delicious pan toasted Roti pastry. $8.90

 2. Sai Aua

Grilled northern Thai spicy chicken sausage flavoured with lime leaves and spices served with sweet carrot and cucumber sauce. $8.90

 3. Gai Jaa

Deep fried chicken marinated with Thai herbs wrapped in pandan leaves served with caramalized plum sauce and sesame $9.50

 4. Phoo Nim

Deep fried crunchy soft-shell crabs topped with sweet and sour tamarind in palm sugar sauce. $10.90

 5. Crunchy Rolls

Deep fried rice paper rolls filled with chicken, vermicelli noodles, carrots and mushroom, just wrapped with lettuce, mint leaves. Enjoy with mild sweet and sour peanut dipping sauce. $8.90

 6. Coconut Prawns

Deep fried crunchy prawns in batter coated with shredded coconut served with sweet chilli sauce. $9.50

 Main Courses

Gungahlin Restaurants - Little Siam - Pork with Chilli and Basil

 7. Som Tum (Thai Papaya Salad)

Shredded fresh green papaya - chilli, garlic, bearns, tomatoes dressing with sweet & sour palm sugar & lime flavouring topped with roasted peanuts. $17.90

 8. Siamese Lamb Shanks

Slow cooked tender lamb shanks in Thai spices topped with homemade creamy curry paste flavoured with basil and lime leaves. $19.90

 8A. Yum Phoo Grob

Deep fried soft-shell crab topped with green apple in Thai herbs and lime juice $25.90



 Sticky rice.

$3.50 per serve

 Coconut rice

$3.50 per person

 9. Chuchee - Your choice of:

Deep fried whole Barramundi ($49.90)
Whole snapper ($44.90)
Prawns ($18.90) or
Fish fillets ($18.90) with creamy chuchee curry paste flavoured with lime leaves and fresh basil.

 10. Yum Pla Grob

Deep fried whole Barramundi ($49.90) or snapper ($44.90) topped with green apple in Thai style spicy salad dressed with coriander, mint leaves and lime juice.

 11. Yellow Chicken Curry

Authentic southern Thai style tender cooked chicken in mild creamy yellow curry paste. $14.90 (GF)

 12. Pud Char on hot sizzling plate

Choice of your meat or seafood stir-fried with fresh basil, garlic, chilli and lime leaves. $16.90/$18.90 (GF)

 13. Phoo Prig Thai

Deep fried soft shell crabs braised with black perpper, onions and shallots. $20.90

 14. Bangkok saam ros

Deep fried crunchy fish fillets/prawns/chicken topped with chef's special chilli, garlic, basil, sweet and sour sauce. Fish fillets $19.90, Prawns $19.90 or Chicken $16.90

 15. Salt & Pepper & Garlic

Deep fried prawns or squids wok tossed with garlic, chilli, salt, pepper & shallots served with crispy egg noodles. $17.90

 16. Gai grob kaew

Crisp fried chicken wok-tossed with onions, shallots and cashew nuts in Little Siam special sweet sauce $16.90


Thai Food Gungahlin - Little Siam - Pud Seafood Kee MauLittle Siam - Gungahlin - Chicken with Pepper and Garlic Sauce