B1. Crunchy Rolls (gf)
Deep-fried rice paper rolls filled with chicken, vermicelli noodles, carrots, mushroom – when served just wrap with lettuce, mint leaves and enjoy with mild sweet and sour peanut dipping sauce. $11.90

B2. Phoo Nim
Deep-fried crunchy soft-shell crabs topped with sweet and sour tamarind, black pepper in palm sugar sauce. $11.90

B3. Coconut Prawns
Deep-fried crunchy prawns in a lightly battered coat with shredded coconut served with sweet chilli sauce. $11.90

B4. Grilled Scallops
Grilled lightly seasoned scallops topped with Thai garlic, chilli, coriander and lime sauce. $12.90

Main Courses

B5. Yellow chicken curry (gf) –
Authentic southern Thailand style tender cooked chicken in mild creamy yellow curry. $18.90

B6. Pud Pug Boong
Stir-fried Thai morning glory (water spinach) w garlic, a pinch of chilli & salty beans in oyster sauce. $20.90

B7. Larb Tofu (gf)
Deep-fried diced tofu dressed with lemon juice, lime leaves, dry chilli, rice powder and Thai herbs. $18.90

B7A. Steamed squids 
Stuffed with chicken, carrot and vermicelli noodle topped wtih spicy and sour garlic and coriander lemon sauce. $24.90

B8. Home made crispy Pork Belly
with your choice of:
a) with spicy sauces on the side (gf) $24.90
b) with chilli paste lime leaves and beans $22.90
c) with garlic chilli and basil $22.90
d) with Chinese broccoli, garlic and chilli $22.90
e) with Thai water spinach, garlic chilli and oyster sauce $22.90

B9. Whole Barramundi $60.90 / Whole Snapper $54.90
a) Deep-fried fish and topped with delicious Thai-style spicy green mango (seasonal only) or green apple salad dressed with coriander, mint leaves, chilli and lime juice.
b) Deep-fried and topped with homemade Thai Chilli paste, lime leaves and fresh basil.

B10. Moo Ping nom sod
Thai styled grill marinated pork on skewers served with Jaew sauce and sticky rice. $22.90

B11. River Kwai Fish
Thai riverside lifestyle deep-fried fish portions topped with delicious Thai chilli paste, lime leaves and basil. $26.90

B12. Goong Paow
Grilled prawns drizzled with Thai popular garlic, chilli, onion, coriander and lime flavouring sauce. $27.90